Microsoft Surface Pro 8


Working closely with our friends at Microsoft Design, Future Deluxe crafted 
the launch film for the new Surface Pro.

Our goal was to capture the essence and experience of the device with a seamless 
blend of live action and CG, hyper-real environments and ethereal movement. 

Design Development

Motion Development


Designed / Directed: Future Deluxe
Creative Direction: Samuel Clarke, Ant Baena
Producer: Angel Hu

Technical Lead: Garett Gioia

Design: Garett Gioia, Bryant Nichols, Martin Cusano, Alvaro Navarro, Nick Scarcella, Alec Burns, Dan Darling 
Animation: Garett Gioia, Dan Darling, Nick Scarcella, Alec Burns
Compositing: Garett Gioia, Nick Scarcella

Live Action: Swanson Studio
VFX: Flawless
Music: Zelig

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