Sonos Sub Mini
Boom without the box
Our latest project with the good people at Sonos.
Sub Mini – The new wireless Subwoofer.
Low frequency sound isn’t so much something that you can see, it’s something you can feel.

Process Reel​​​​​​​
Music: Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue
Research & Development 
Designed, Directed & Produced – FutureDeluxe
Creative Director – Ant Baena
Director – Raphael Vangelis
Producer – Angel Hu
Art Direction – Garett Gioia, Stefan Kang, Bryant Nichols
Design, Animation & Compositing – Bryant Nichols, Garett Gioia, Stefan Kang, Martin Cusano, Matt Taylor, Michael Kim, Bryce Walhof, Alvaro Navarro, Rosie Emery, Diogo Paixao
Music & Sound Design – Philippe Aubin-Dionne

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