We set out to celebrate the launch of Sonos’ new Roam colour ways in 3 unique tones – Sunset, Olive and Wave. From the desert to the ocean, the products are uniquely inspired by the nature in and around Southern California. Together with Sonos, we crafted multiple worlds that show Roam’s unique features and big, big sound from such a small portable speaker
Design Development
Client - Sonos
Designed, directed & produced - FutureDeluxe
Creative Director: Ant Baena
Art Director: Bryant Nichols
Producer: Angel Hu
Design & Animation: Bryant Nichols, Garett Gioia, Martin Cusano, Alec Burns, Matt Taylor, Bryce Walhof, Gonzalo Miranda

Live Action - Swanson Studios
DOP: Paul Wegman
Talent: Zach Feiner, Kamila Fahkry

Clean up & Colour: Jamm VFX
Audio - Blood Culture 'Set it on Fire'

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