Atelier Cologne 
Rebrand Visuals​​​​​​​

As part of a complete rebrand of Atelier Cologne - AKQA approached us to help interpret the scents of Atelier Cologne as magnificent sculptures that would become an integral element to the visual language of the brand.

We looked at how we could visualize each fragrance note of which there were 2-3 in each scent, to build up a modular system that could be implemented as majestic living sculptures to represent the broad range of Atelier Cologne products.

— Main Films

— Rose Cuirée

— Winter Collection 2022

— Oolang Infini

— Encens Céleste

— Research and Development

—​​​​​​​ Credits

Designed, Directed & Produced - FutureDeluxe

Creative Directors - Marcus Chaloner & Ant Baena
Associate Creative Director - Ben Black
CG Director - Ollie Harris
Producers - Kavita Daggar, Angel Hu, Ana Yocum
Executive Producer - Svet Lapcheva

Music & Sound Design - Echoic

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