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Pepsi unveils a new logo and visual identity, the first transformation of the iconic globe logo in 14 years, signaling the brand’s next era with a bold vision of the future.

To showcase the evolution of the logo, the revitalized design introduces movement and animation into the brand system, allowing versatility for Pepsi to have seamless collaboration with partners.

Research and development
The new visuals are unapologetically bold and graphic showcasing a bold modern typeface, the signature pulse and an updated color palette. FutureDeluxe used fast-paced cuts with the visuals confidently occupying the frame to feel playful, establishing early on a motion principle to keep the brand at the center of the action. The logo would be the driver of the pulse and motion would radiate from the center outwards to subtly reinforce the pulse motif.

Directed and Produced by FutureDeluxe
Executive Creative Director: Ant Baena
Producer: Angel Hu
Art Directors: Garett Gioia, Stefan Kang
CG Lead: Nick Scarcella
Design & Animation: Steven Dvornik, Michael Kim, Matt Taylor, Stefan Kang, Sam Cividanis, Andrew Hahn, Alvaro Navarro, Jake Wyand, Martin Cusano, Bryant Nichols, Christoph Strohfeld, Pablo Lozano
Videographer (New York City): Brian Chu
Videographer (Toronto): Jose Garcia
Billboard Edit: Matt Cronin
Music by: Take Your Medicine

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