Ever fought your way through a post-apocalyptic, zombie wasteland? Ever seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion? Have you ever hitched a ride on a humpback whale a mile beneath the surface? When our long-time client/collaborator asked us to deliver a cool, colorful VR store for Oculus we had to ask, “Is this real life?”
You can find more about it here - https://buck.co/work/oculus-store
— Credits

Designed, Directed & Produced - BUCK
Executive Creative Director - Kevin Walker
Executive Producer - Emily Rickard
Creative Director - Kevin Walker
Producer - David Guti Rosado, Kirsten Collabolletta
Art Director - Casey Latiolais
CG Supervisor - Alex Dingfelder
Design - Alvaro Navarro, Brendi Wedinger, Brianne Gagg, Casey Latiolais, Emanuele Marani, Felipe Medina, Jean-Michel Verbeeck, Mark Kulakoff, Marla Moore, Martin Cusano, Mau Borba, Sebastian Andaur, Sol Lee, Trey Holt, Yas Vicente
Look Development - Adam Webber, Alfonso Petersen, Eugene Goryachev, Wing Sze Lee

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