Worked with FutureDeluxe who teamed up with Elephant New York to create a series of films that demonstrate the power of Xfinity’s XB7 Gateway. The latest iteration of the product boasts industry-leading speed, protection and reliable Wi-Fi coverage, which we visualized as simple, abstract metaphors that give each one, a real-world, tactile application.
Client - Xfinity 
Agency - Elephant  
Production Studio - FutureDeluxe
Creative Director - Ant Baena
 Producer - Angel Hu
Team - Bryant Nichols, Garett Gioia, Martin Cusano, Alec Burns, Andrew Prousalis, Charles Trippe, Emiko Inskeep, Nick Scarcella
Early R&D
Rock Shield Effect
Light Growths Animations
Frames for the Value Film (only product)  

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